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Professional Service
Automotive Canvas specializes in the planning, production, installation and implementation of all types of commercial canvas, vinyl and camouflage applications.

As the ONLY certified supplier in the Metro Detroit area, AC's professional representatives are readily available to serve businesses throughout Southeastern Michigan - the automotive capital of the world.

Automotive Camouflage and Security Covers
AC's legacy is its outstanding reputation as the premier automotive camouflage and security cover production firm. For years, AC has developed and produced applications for top-secret automotive projects and designs and well as camouflage used during prototype track testing and proving grounds security.

Prototype and Production Sewing
AC employs only the most professional staff and methods for heavy-duty sewing applications. Our range includes custom fitting and product development for any size application.

Canvas, Vinyl and Shrink-wrap
AC has produced canvas, vinyl and shrink-wrap for automotive, marine and machinery applications.

Shipping and Storage Covers
When product or equipment protection is needed, AC develops only the finest, high-grade covers for long-lasting, durable applications.